Why are you doing this


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Have you ever had a moment where you looked at someone or something and immediately thought with no hesitation, "why are you doing this."
if so, post a reply and include the "why the fuck are you a human on this earth you insignificant little spec" moment.
I will include my own.

When i went to elementary school we would often have pizza fridays (ehehehe amerifat) and it was pretty nice! but that's not the point. while i was inline for the pizza, some fucking 5th grader asked me, a fucking 2nd grader if i had ever masturbated yet. me not knowing what the fuck it is or how i even do that responded with "oh yeah dude, 20 times a day dude!" in order to sound cool. after that i got my pizza and went to sit down but i noticed something as i walked away. some kid was standing at the service thing (you know, the thing that has all the forks, spoons, ketchup, straws, etc. on it) and this fucking kid is putting ketchup on his pizza. K E T CHUP ON PIZZA.
that's like...heresy. that's illegal. i'd say it's worse than putting pineapple on pizza.

there you go, now go fuckin read a book or something. i don't know what the fuck people do anymore.


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oh lord, i've had so many of these but to keep my reply short

Back in 10th grade i had a.... less than okay teacher who was unreasonably strict, who would DEDUCT POINTS FOR NOT USING 3 HOLE NOTEBOOK PAPER. She would absolutely REFUSE to give anyone a perfect score on anything, so she would remove points on arbitrary things, No one in my class passed with anything higher than B. The final day of school she wanted to host a party in her class room since we have full movement around the school, and no one in my class or 9th grade had shown up. opting to stay in our science teacher's class playing kahoot all day while eating pizza and sipping soda.

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idk if this counts as a necro but *shrug* because idk

I got on the bus one afternoon on my way home from college and this 70 year old dude is sitting on the top floor of the bus with his cane taking up a seat. then he sees a packet of sweets on the floor of the bus in a corner that's basically become black with dirt.

This mother fucker just picks up the packet. takes a good look at it. eats everything in there. then puts the fucking thing back down and gets off the bus.


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I had many moments like that when I was living with my dad. This man's self control is fucking dead.

The biggest one from him was the last time I ever saw him. After moving to Big Bear with my mother after my graduation, he came up as well. He helped make his share by helping mom with her little spirit business. Not even a week into it, he starts asking for blood samples and nude photos from some of her clients (not just the female ones). This basically drives away half of her regulars.
Then he starts sleeping with one of her friends behind her back after swearing that he wouldn't(they were already divorced, but he had fucked several of her friends in the past) and then has the balls to lie about it despite having hickies all over his neck and the girl is naked hiding under his blanket.
He pretty much ran away with that woman and I'm sitting here processing what's been going on like "Did you leave your brain behind when you came up here?".

I honestly would've not held all that against him had he not took my dog with him when he left, dropped him off at my sister's house, then told her to take him to the pound.


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Oh I also remembered another thing that some people on the bus did
Several times I heard a group of boys sharing masturbation tips, once again this is a fucking public bus for crying out loud and you aren't even whispering?!?!?


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Someone in my class once asked if socialism and capitalism ran hand and hand. I question how people can be this stupid or miss informed.