What was your worst "wasted effort" moment in a video game?

Handsome Zane

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Have you ever had a moment where you worked really hard to get something in a game(power up, weapon, etc.), only to find out it wasn't as good as you thought it would be?

Share that moment here.


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oh boy, the ultra hard challenge in The binding of isaac, Getting the flare in bf4, 90% of shit in BO4

but my biggest offender is all of the vanilla endgame terraria weapons


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I'd probably say grinding in the mirage arena in birth by sleep to get aqua's ultimate shotlock since it looked nice
That shit took way to damn long
Arena battles would last up to an hour because they had so much health
I did get it
Levelled it up to max and used it on the final boss (This was also done in the "Secret" Episode)
I think the worst part about this was when I first fought the final boss it was a mixture of feelings of frustration but some enjoyment
After having spent so damn long grinding the boss didn't even last 2 minutes
I guess that's why it was called the ultimate shotlock but I didn't have anything to use it on because the final boss died so easily
And I actually considered grinding for Ventus' Ultima weapon
HAHAHAHAHAHA no that's even more grinding I'll pass

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playing persona 5 for around 80 hours.
getting to the final dungeon and then realising I was too under powered and didn't have enough time to finish the game (it was my first time playing a persona or smt game and I did it without a guide.) so I decided. fuck it i'm gonna reset and try again, after already having lost a save due to changing playstations (from the one I was renting from my sister to my own) which suuuuuucked. 80 hours down the drain (not counting the whole time I was stuck in the bank's basement (fuck you Kaneshiro you're a bitch ass mother fucker who has a shitty palace design.) SO THAT WAS FUN.

Handsome Zane

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Fusing Izanagi-no-Okami in Persona 4.

Having to get to level 91 and needing 12 personas to fuse a beatstick with no instakill resistance, only to find out that he doesn't transfer over to a New Game + was just an absolute kick in the balls.
I decided to grind my ass off in Yukiko's castle to level 91(this took over 3 weeks) just to get my playtime worth out of him, and it still didnt feel worth it. I at least hope this one gets to shine again in Persona 5 Royal


Russian Jew
A recent one, getting the alt R ability for Mercenary in Risk Of Rain 2
I wasted a solid 5 or so hours getting a perfect run in Prismatic Trials in which i didn't get below 100% health for the entire duration of it.

And long and behold it's a shit ability replacement