What is this and where is Fast Chat?

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Tohru Adachi

Can't take a joke
So I've decided to try something in order to try and spur activity on the forums, alongside the major visual and performance improvements that have recently been implemented.

This section is for "random" off-topic discussions which can generate normal, on-topic, coherent topics of discussions that aren't just plain-up shitposting. "Meme" posts and such are for the Shitposting Wasteland (formerly Fast Chat).

Ideally, Red Sun and TF2-related posts go in General Discussion. This is for off-topic (read: non-TF2) threads.

To give a good example of what we are looking for in here, threads such as @DJ Kouta's "Weekly Asks", @Epsilon's "Best and Worst" gamemode thread, etc are to be posted here from now on. (Threads which fit these guidelines have been moved here with a redirect.)

Questions? Please shoot me a DM here, or via email at tohru[at]redsun.tf.
Not open for further replies.