What do you think of RedSun Discord Jackbox parties?

Is Mikusch the alien?

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Handsome Zane

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Been hosting these for a bit and I wanted to know what everybody thinks of them. Share any thoughts on the matter


Slowly getting there
They're pretty good so far. It's nice to unwind a bit and goof off with some chilled folk every now and then


armstrong good
Most of the games are a blast to play, though sometimes (at least for me) there's a question of how seriously the prompt/game in general is supposed to be taken. Like in Press the Button, there's an obvious seriousness in discovering the aliens, but in other games like Dictionarium I tend to wonder how I should answer. This will probably disappear as time goes on (x stops getting played, or I take x more/less seriously).


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have not been playing them, but if i did, i'd be fucked near y'all, since y'all are (probably) more clever than i am