What are games y'all like but everyone else doesn't?

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Personally I thought Homefront: The Revolution got way more hate than it deserved. Especially after it got properly optimized later on.


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Diablo 3. I still love that game and everyone will just suck Blizzards dick now because they returned the Necromancer.

Other than that I dunno.


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If Destiny was a person I'd marry her.

I do understand the game's criticism, and after 2 years of patches and expansions there are still parts of it I don't entirely like.
And I know how casual it is compared to some other games of similar genres ...
And yet, I cannot put it down. I just love it. Playing it feels like it was made specifically for me.


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I fairly Enjoyed Assassin's creed Unity, for me it was a nice change from the Italians and Kenways which I wanted but everyone else didn't.


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Fallout 4

Hardcore Fallout fans hate this game and ol' Todd due to it not exactly carrying out the elements New Vegas and 3 had, but again, Fallout 3 and New Vegas looked visually dull and all the NPCs looked like ass. I think Fallout 4 has a greater immersion and keeps me more entertained. I love the new elements it bought despite ditching some old ones, and I love the characters as well, they feel more like a person than Microsoft SAM.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Alot of people seemed to be rather dissapointed with this one, largely because of it's harry potter styled cliff hanger ending. Plus people really blew the whole micro transactions thing out of proportion. Other wise it's a solid game that improved on what the HR did good, like the augmentations, the story and introduces more intense issues. However it oddly did away with some of the things that made Human revolution challenging. The boss fights. Other than that the game looks great, almost like a love child of half life 2 and HR, and the models and voice acting are great. Also the new augmentations are heaps of fun to use on both lethal and non lethal runs. Think it got far more shit than it deserved.


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Hand of Fate

I mean, I don't think a lot of you have played that game, but this is goddamn interesting. And the keyboard controls are pretty good for such game