Welcome to M.E. (HA)

[FF] Blueeyes913

The new guy
Hello. Let's get the elephant in the room out, I'm not technically new, though this is my first thread. I created this account one year ago, and, let's face it, I've been immature in the past on Red Sun. I've been an idiot, as well as an ass, and I've done a couple of things that I cringe at when I remember them. But that was in the past, so consider this a new introduction to me. I'm not very active on TF2 as a whole, because life, but I do like it, despite being kinda bad at it, and I do like Red sun's community, however ridiculous it can get at times. If I screw up on the servers, feel free to let me know, and if it's serious enough, gimme a ban to teach me a lesson. I'll take it like a mann.


Warming up
>been an ass
>done cringe things
i think many people don't know what you did unless you EU/US regular


Your favorite nemesis
You make me feel like I'm old as fuck when I read your introduction post.

Anyways, I welcome you here! Play Raiden, we have dark muffins.