Versus Saxton Hale vsh_rocketyard (Now in b2!)


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  • Map's great aesthetic-wise, similar to the gg_ version.
  • Gameplay is fluid inside the map.
  • No info_observer_point(s) inside the map. Please, at least put one!
  • Some of the corridors inside the main building feel claustrophobic for a VSH map.
  • There's a needless amount of windows inside the main building, limiting a lot the movement and route options players have, prefering to go outside instead. Removing a handful of them would be great.
The map will be put on rotation soon.


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vsh_rocketyard_b2: Less privacy edition
  • Added observer points for spectators
  • Removed some window panels inside for more movement and engineer camping positions
  • Slightly increased the volume of music, added nobuild zone in music room
  • Some other minor fixes and changes
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