vsh rant: I hate spies


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Everytime I lose as Hale when I get a backstab (from that it's a downhill);
turn around the corner BACKSTAB, try to hit the deadringer spy TRICKSTAB, go outside for a walk BACKSTAB from above.
I fucking hate spies.

Pyrocar is a good addition


But for real though, spies should fucking suicide and not waste last man crits in a 2 remaining reds situation
A last man spy is definitely better than half of the classes with crits and I will briefly analyze the classes with last man crits to explain why.

Scout: Uses crits well with primary and very likely forces the boss to rage to catch the Scout if the boss is unable to outmaneuver him.
Soldier: Potentially the best class with last man crits as rockets do stupid damage and Soldier can proactively rocket jump to avoid taking hits and potentially even outright dodging rages.
Pyro: Can stall to a small extent with airblasting and such, but gets ran down and one shotted, does not help that the Pyro has very limited reliable ranged options.
Demo: Gets ran down and unlike Soldier, sticky jumping is slower to set up and does more damage to yourself. Crits are also wasted if running Demoknight. Any potential cheese with stickies can be neutered by maneuvering around them or capping.
Heavy: Can do enough damage to build up the boss's rage from zero before dying, but is a very easy target, moreso if the boss can easily goomba stomp the Heavy.
Engineer: Does decent damage thanks to hitscan until the boss closes the gap between them and the engineer, inevitably killing him.
Medic: Last man crits entirely wasted.
Sniper: Not that bad actually, especially as his primary isn't critboosted from the start anymore and he also has good mobility with climbs, may not easily die until he runs out of climbs, health for climbing, or places to climb.

and Spy: Revolver does 120 a hit with crits, can juke with invisibility, and tank a hit while cloaked.

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I thought it was too, and then 42 cleared it for launch and i gained instant depression ever since
if you can get a few more people saying how awful it is as a boss i will go ahead and comment it out on the repo and tell 42


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Not very fun to play against, it was a bit fun at the start for the memes, but now everytime i see someone get set as pyrocar i just prepare to die with very low damage, Too jumpy, Too hard to hit, bad delete


I've played couple times as pyrocar and it wasn't really that fun being forced to walk forwards but playing against him is even worse.

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Pyrocar could be fun, but suffers way too many drawbacks which became more evident when his flamethrower range was gutted to the point where you can be up in someone's face and still not hit them.

I'm still sad he got into main rotation before Last Yeti did