Will be fixed voteskip command for jukebox/cooldown on songs using golden jb coins?

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we all know the deal by now. people really, really like spamming the same song on jukebox coins as an obnoxious joke. be it the last 3 month nightmare of the imperial march nightmare, or right now, with night of fire's christmas mix. no one ever really seems to be able to stop it, so people are just forced to listen to the same song for almost the entirety of being in the server without either using earplugs, snd_restart or 'play [x]'. it's annoying to both new players and regulars, because often times it's the same people doing it and it's very difficult to prevent them doing it (e.g. using jukebox/gold jukebox coins to counteract).

so, i'd like to propose two possible ideas.

1. voteskip for jukebox coins
similar to /rtv, a /voteskip command would really help out when it comes to jukebox spam. it works the same way, type the command, people see a message in chat saying that someone wants to voteskip the song, with the same counter. perhaps it could be at a lower ratio, but still a bit high, considering it's a song and not the map. this'd allow anyone in the server to start a veto against a song if it starts getting played too often. understandably, this could be abused by people trying to voteskip any song that appears, but if the ratio required was high enough, i'm sure it wouldn't be a problem.

and on the other solution...

2. song cooldown
simple: a song can't be played by a golden jukebox coin immediately after. perhaps the cooldown could be the length of a song, giving shorter songs a chance? i'd say this only applies to golden jukebox coins due to their spammability. jukebox coins can also do the same, but they're random, so i don't really think that's fair.

i'm not saying that BOTH should be implemented, but one or the other would really be a nice quality of life change to the server when it comes to the jukebox.
would be really nice if this gets considered.

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Second idea was very easy to add, hopefully it works.
It's been added as of commit d200caa on the Loadout repository.
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