Action Taken Voice Ban Appeal - ID: 5450

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Ban ID: 5450

Reason for ban: "edgy kid on mic"

Reason to remove the ban: I'd like to say that I'm sorry. I'm edgy and all that shit, and I don't really have a reason why, and it's not cause I like/enjoy doing it, but it's just because I... don't really know why I act this way to begin with. I'd make an excuse, but that'd only incriminate me further. I do believe that you all deserve a sincere apology, and you deserve the peace of mind knowing that I will make somewhat of an effort to stop, I say somewhat because I have no real motivation in life, and my whole life is kinda drab really.

Edgy kid on mic, where do I begin with that? Oh yeah, I'm 14, and I'm currently going through the early stages of puberty. Maybe that's why? Eh, maybe. But I do believe that I've became more mature (despite my recent text convos on the servers, trust me I do not act that way all the time) and I've been going through a LOT of shit lately that's made me more mature in that aspect aswell. I may be a dick, but I promise you, I'll do anything in my unmotivated efforts to try and become a less garbage human being. And, before you ask, I'd like to address concerns.

No, most of my insults are meant to be jokes. I like edgy jokes mostly due to the fact I enjoy just goofing off and fucking with people, but not to the extent of being a dick to someone for the sake of being a dick to someone. An extent of my insults will be genuine salt, because recently I've been getting increasingly stressed, as a whole lot of things are happening to my family right now, and I've been trying to vent it out on the servers, also the fact I have Oppostional Defiance Disorder, aka If you get on to me, I'm going to target you. I can't really help it, and I'm sorry (unless you're doing it to be a dick, then fuck off you no-life.) So to anyone who calls me out for salt, you're right but for the wrong reasons..., I won't act the same way on the mic. I've become increasingly laidback since my last voice-interaction on the entire internet (which I still don't know when it was, but not recently) and I do regret being that much of a posh cunt when I initially got banned, however, I will still be talkative since... well; I don't... really know but let's just say it's because I wasn't given enough attention/wasn't given the feeling of attention in my earlier life.

...and no, I don't want to be a dick. I genuinely want to be friendly, but my mental state and my apathy for anything meaningful has limited me from doing so.

If this suffices as a acceptable appeal, then I sincerely thank you.

TL;DR: I'm sorry for being a bitch, and I'd like to admit to it by the lengthy explanation of my side of things.

Date/Time of ban: 30-08-2019 22:09:54 UTC

Server where ban was applied: Raiden

Tohru Adachi

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+1 for taking the time to read the template and not screech wildly about the eebul natzee moderators.

I'm inclined to believe you as I have seen you around lately and you do appear to be making an effort.
The ban has been removed and is now inactive.