Very late Introduction.


Just a normal lad
Hello Everyone,im Samy,also know as that one person which has lag 24/7,but hey,i live on Argentina,so,fair enough,As long as i can play.

I was here for some kinda of time now,i started playing in TF2 in like 2013,but then my computer was rested and decided to not play TF2 For some time
But Then,i returned in 2016,some days after Meet Your Match Update ended,and i believe i got in the server in late February of 2017,since then i actually play a lot on Redsun,Then registed to the page on March of the same year and well,here i am,really must admit that things had chance a lot in this years.
But even if things aren't the same as they were,it's my personal favorite comunnity on TF2,Made lots of Friends on here,and let me know a little bit about gamemodes of the comunnity,like SZF,DB,GG,FW,PVM,etc. (Not counting DR Since i was a big nerd of that gamemode when i was playing on 2016).

Anyways,that is just it,really cannot saying anything else,just apart that this is a great comunnity and can't wait for the future of this.
Thanks for seeing this and have a nice day.