Versus Saxton Hale Versus Saxton Hale update (1.5518_rsx) 27-4-2017


In this update, a few bosses have been changed as they have been considered annoying, overpowered, lackluster or boring by the general public for quite some time. So with these changes we hope some of the bosses will be of more enjoyment or open up new possible ways to play them to the players.

  • Added !haletoggle - with this command you can enable/disable becoming the Hale. Please remember that like with the Damage Tracker, the settings saved only apply on the current server you play on, the benefit in this case would be if you would want to be Hale on a server you have good ping on and do not want to be the Hale with subpar ping. (example: European players getting good ping on Raiden but subpar on Armstrong and vice versa for American players)
  • Fixed !haledmg which now should work as intended along with settings being saved per server.

Gentle Spy
  • Has been given two passives, "steel nerves" and "counterplay"
    • Steel Nerves: Backstabs and Market Gardens against Gentle Spy now only do 50% of their total damage.
    • Counterplay: If attacked by Gentle Spy while cloaked or ready to use your Dead Ringer you will take damage as if you were not cloaked or never had your Dead Ringer out (read: you die horribly).
  • Receives a bullet for every 4 players alive on the other team, this was previously 6.
  • Now has the same speed as the other bosses.

HHH jr.
  • Increased climb height with 50 hammer units.
  • Killing a player now reduces teleport cooldown.

The Announcer
  • Summoning now costs 500 health.
  • Players can now be summoned multiple times in a round, this was previously only once per round.
  • Summoned players no longer get a non-expiring defense buff.


I'm my own master now
Sighted Gentlespy is going to be completely redundant if the Hale gets pretty unlucky since he'd already have two passives doing very similar things (messing up spies badly) but with 12,5% less HP. Maybe that combination should be banned.


Warming up
So don't be spy when the boss is gentlespy or you will fuck up from the counterplay.