Versus Saxton Hale Versus Saxton Hale update (1.5516_rsx) 5-4-2017


  • >= 3 killing spree damage taken formula changed from (100% - killing spree * 3.33%) to (100% - killing spree * 10%)
  • Boss now gets a minor knockback reduction if more than 24 players are alive.
  • Boss airblast resistance increased from 30% to 35%.
  • Boss will no longer get rage from airblast if rage is at or above 80%.
  • Reduced rage gained from airblast to 5%.
  • Bonk uber duration decreased from 8 to 6.
  • Force-A-Nature now only deals mini-crits if used with the Crit-A-Cola.
  • Airblasting the boss now removes an additional 15 ammo from the Pyro.
  • Heavies now deal 20% additional knockback with all attacks.
  • Engineer's pistols now only deals mini-crits.
  • Self uber effects (bonk, battalion backup) reduce damage dealt while ubered by 25%.

dimogaidarov BG

The Sin Of Anxiety
the knockback buff doesnt seem to do that much even when you are a brass beast heavy,but the other buffs and nerfs are fine
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A buff to the Heavy? How wonderful, cannot wait to try them out first-hand later today

Mata|The Doctor

The guy in the tardis.
Any Heavy buffs and Pyro rebalances are always welcome.
But to valve its forbidden.

On the topic -- this looks good. especially the heavy one. I love annoying people with my minigun.


Fuck off bung
Heavy is more viable finally, at least I can be heavy instead of playing a few selection of classes! The pyro rebalance is meh for me, but less rage for Hale is good when air blasted.

infinite phantasm

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damn, guess i can't be as efficient as the annoying uber bonk scout anymore :(

oh well, guess i'll have to try something else

Skully & Skelle

oh look he's sans xddd STFU
Thank god, scout got nerfed for his bonk and force of nature

then i can kill him faster without chasing the fucker or me