This is an introduction.


It's getting saucy in here
Hi there.
I'm supposed to describe what I do and what I'm like, but here's what I think:
  • I like this tf2 server. It's the perfect server for alternate gamestyles and I think the community is absolutely amazing.
  • I think I just kissed feet a bit too much so here's some self deprecating bits to balance it all out.
  • I play engineer because my skills in shooting is decent but nothing to write home about so I play a class shooter like a tower defense game.
  • Apart from stop that tank and mystery maps this server has nothing close to regular tf2 servers (a good thing but meaning regular engineer play is worthless) which means I just end up being terrible and crying.
  • Demoman takes skill
  • I'm over-competitive in anything but video games and I'm a bit of a sperg so excuse me when I spam those voice lines in text chat (which are the most ingenious thing ever)
So yeah. Please don't destroy me and uh, I guess I'll be sticking around for a while so get used to me I'll be looking forward to getting to know you fellas.
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Your favorite nemesis
I welcome you fella, but first we need to agree on this:

Demoman does not take skill