Third times the Secret Santa!


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Hey, its your boy. That Secret Santa dude from the RedSun forums!

Here again with a nice reminder that this year's Secret Santa is now open for business!

Rules have been adjusted, yet again:

-No currency items aka Keys, Metal etc (I mean Salvaged Crates MIGHT be accepted)
-No recently added Items in the Christmas Update (Most of them haven't been priced so try harder and don't be a cheapskate. Exceptions can be made for the highest and second highest tier)
-Only TF2 items may be accepted such as Strange, Unusuals etc.

Gifts should be worth at least 1 Key and don't send 500 Items that make up of worth of 1 Key or something like that.

Little more than a month this time around, so think about what you want to gift, cause this is about others and not about yourself.

Starts: Right now!
Ends: 23.12.

If you need more time, I can extend the time but the final deadline is 24.12. (Same day as the presents will be handed out)
Also people who participate might be rewarded by Santa himself!!!!*

*May or may not be the actual Santa Claus. We're still working out the details here.
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Pinned until this ends.