Third times the Secret Santa!


^ This Guy.
Hey, its your boy. That Secret Santa dude from the RedSun forums!

Here again with a nice reminder that this year's Secret Santa is now open for business!

Rules have been adjusted, yet again:

-No currency items aka Keys, Metal etc (I mean Salvaged Crates MIGHT be accepted)
-No recently added Items in the Christmas Update (Most of them haven't been priced so try harder and don't be a cheapskate. Exceptions can be made for the highest and second highest tier)
-Only TF2 items may be accepted such as Strange, Unusuals etc.

Gifts should be worth at least 1 Key and don't send 500 Items that make up of worth of 1 Key or something like that.

Little more than a month this time around, so think about what you want to gift, cause this is about others and not about yourself.

Starts: Right now! Steam Trade link will be posted on 22.12.
Ends: 23.12.

If you need more time, I can extend the time but the final deadline is 24.12. (Same day as the presents will be handed out)
Also people who participate might be rewarded by Santa himself!!!!*

*May or may not be the actual Santa Claus. We're still working out the details here.


Local Gay
Maybe this time my Internet wont explode on the day we give the items


Your favorite nemesis
Delete all the Grinch of Christmas people, also I'm in.


Russian Jew
Im in