The Tues..wait, no Wednesday Ask! (Number...7? I think?) - Favorite Game Track.

Shoud I continue these asks? (I'm willing to commit)

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Snow Mister (DJKouta)

Mr. White Christmas AND Mr. Snow.
Yep, we're doing this.
Im tugging at the heartstrings, Im pumping the blood,
Im doing whatever your favorite music track does to you.

So. Break out those Youtube links, and show me what you find to be
the BEST piece of game music this side of the Sun.
Dont got a favorite? no worries. Just post some game songs you like.
Up to you bro.

For me? Here
My god I love this soundtrack, it never ends and there's 6 hours of the stuff.
By far, starbound has shocked me with how much creative content is behind it
and the music is no exception.

Got an Idea for the the next Ask?
Send me a PM on Discord with your Ask!
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might see your Ask answered.


Fuck off bung
Well, let me try this again. My favorite from a game that is a crystal gem (To me and maybe a couple of other people)

(Well, I fucked up badly, and I have proven that I can't read for jackshit in my previous post.)
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Twice the ruckus-raising productivity
A lot, but i'll just bring up the gem i listened to recently.


Midas the Porygon

The guy who talks a lot

After replaying it recently on a emulator I found myself listening to it every so often, Its quite nice sounding

Tohru Adachi

man of speen
Game Track
bung is an idiot yet again

anyway here is my track of the now:

edit: dream a dream was not composed for use in a game, your point is invalid
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Alpha Spectre

Insert witty title here
Just throw two down that are tied for my current favourite.

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Snow Mister (DJKouta)

Mr. White Christmas AND Mr. Snow.
Gonna post these two here as well;


Cookie Of Seduction

Filthy Taokaka Main
Oh god. I'm late. Please forgive me mastah ;-;

Honestly, Idk why I love this so much. I don't even play FF, my little brother does -.-
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