The only taunt effect


As you know on the shop you can buy Multiple differents taunt effects for 1 taunt or for multiple class taunt effect however i find it nonsense to only equip 1 taunt effect while there is an effect for a high ammount of taunts . So what i ask for is making a specific Taunt effect for each possible taunt like the schanderfreude it has it's own square to equip it's effect and this goes same for each other taunt,however for this idea i think that the all class taunt effects might cause a problem so it's probably too late to apply this suggestion.


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Making it so that you can equip one taunt effect per class instead would be more reasonable imo


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afair this was already proposed once and denied because it was hell to code or something along those lines? I don't quite remember but yeah, I agree on that one.