The Great Book of Redsun

Prof Delaventure

The French Fag, qui aime parler anglais.
Hello there.

I'm kind of new, i don't know all of the famous face of the server, but I've got a good idea.
You know that big dusty book that all families got. A book filled with pictures, stories, and memories to tell at New Year Eve, while laughing from remembering the past, or maybe smiling from nostalgia.

So let's make one.
Post in this thread your best memories, screenshots, etc ...

nobody in nowhere land.

Settled in
god, I remember meeting one of the devs here on New Years of 2017. Which is why I’m mostly around in the community but I met Tohru of August of 2016 (I think?) In another community before. They’re pretty good friends.

After that good ol Trademark™ Drama I’m finally free to do whatever I need to get done around here. I became Developer about a month ago if i remember correctly.

But yeah. I currently am an asset creator and designer, I can’t wait to get done with a big project or two later though.