The August jukebox is (finally) here!

Tohru Adachi

Can't take a joke
Apologies this took so damn fuckin log, missing out an entire month on the way. Here's the songs for this month:

Casey Edwards ft. Ali Edwards - Devil Trigger
Celeste B-Sides - Celestial Resort (Good Karma Mix)
Go 2 - Looka Bomba
Hyrule Warriors - Eclipse of the Sun
Jordan - King of Eurobeat
Ken Blast - The Top
Kirby: Star Allies - Hyness (Unhooded) Battle
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - Tough Guy Alert!
NieR:Automata - Birth of a Wish
Persona 2: Innocent Sin (PSP) - Quest Boss Battle
Persona 3 Portable - Danger Zone
Persona 4 - I'll Face Myself (Battle)
Shovel Knight - Strike the Earth! Plains of Passage
Sonic Mania - Dimension Heist
Sonic Mania - Egg Reverie
Sonic Rush - Jeh Jeh Rocket (CD Ver.)
Sonic Rush - What U Need (CD Ver.)
The Snake - Speed of Light
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Mor Ardain: Roaming the Wastes
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - You Will Recall Our Names
You should start seeing the downloads once the server updates its jukebox listings, usually happens on map change.


The Badguy
It is good day to see Mor Ardain in Jukebox for August.
Too bad Zeke's Theme isn't in Jukebox.

Alpha Spectre

Insert witty title here
Comm. Manager
This is the first JB in god knows how long that I'd consider great. Yet here I am not even going to be here for about 80-90% of it.


Your favorite nemesis
Shovel Knight is just beauty

Koizumi Hayato

Another one bites the dust
Glad to see Devil Trigger there, and the rest of tracks are good choices as well.


____________________ Dog of the Paw ______________
Can we have new coins splease, splease, splease?