Super Zombie Fortress SZF's infamous skip detection system (and why it needs to go or change)

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Probably has been brought up on the servers many times, but you can't really blame them. It's a very strict system and one of the biggest issues with the gamemode.

As many of you know, the major update to SZF (iirc it was the same one that introduced Smoker) added a system to force people to play as infected if they tried to skip out playing as infected in a previous round. It is honestly an understandable system on paper and I can get why it was implemented since people were going into spectator to avoid playing as zombie then rejoining as round ends to play as survivor again.

However it has proven to be a very evil system as what it sees as "skipping" is loosely defined. One known example is that the system triggers on you if you change your class during the final second before respawn. While that could be easily avoided by switching classes earlier in the countdown, it has been shown that even avoiding switching classes entirely isn't enough. I have also seen people (and even been one of them) that have spent the entire round on Zombie team playing normally and we still got forced to Zombie next round, even if we got some kills in or won the round.

I should also mention that Survivor team members can suffer the same fate, regardless of how well they did.
Literally no one is safe from this system. It just punishes you for any reason it feels like, and it'll even hold it on you next time the mode is played.

This is mainly why I think the skip detection system needs to get the boot. There is nothing wrong with wanting people to not BS their way out of playing on the zombie team, but there really shouldn't be an automated system that forces people to play as zombie if it can't properly identify if someone is intentionally trying to skip playing as zombie.
If it's believed that the system has to stay, then it should only affect people who joined spectator during the round. This way it's at least understandable to get forced in that scenario since you willingly sat out the round. Either way, it ain't okay as it currently is.

That's all I can think to say. Thank you for coming to my drunk TED talk.

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