Super Zombie Fortress szf_safehaven_breached


Chromium Embedded Framework
Pretty good for the first map. I see a potential and it's functional but honestly I can't see this map getting in rotation in its current state so here's my suggestions for your map.
  • I would suggest you to add lighting into the map.
  • Zombies doesn't have func_respawnroom in their spawn points while survivors have it. It will take ages to zombies to switch class if they wanted to.
  • There's no clear indication why player can't access this area. Maybe add fences?
  • There's an invisible clipping that takes you to the third level of this building. I guess that's for zombies? But Survivors also can climb it. You should turn this into func_respawnroomvisualizer for the Blue team.
  • Zombies can go to the Survivors spawn during a setup time. Maybe you should make the door explode when a setup time is over?
  • You can go out of bounds by jumping over this clipping in the Survivors respawn room. Make the clipping tall enough so the players can't jump on top of it.
As I said before this is good for the first map congratulations on starting out! Good luck on your map!
Also where I should carry this bottle of beer?
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Warming up
Bottle is a simple secret with a red herring, thanks for the criticism i should be able to upload a more functional version of the map today.