Super Zombie Fortress Super Zombie Fortress update 25-12-2018


Fixes everything
Senior Dev
Christmas present for you all

2.3_rsx changelog:

Added 4 new weapons

- Backburner (rare)
- Iron Bomber (uncommon)
- Tide Turner (common)
- Panic Attack (common)

- Nerf Health on kill from 50% to 33%
- Removed 40% less damage while health is above 50%
- Increase max ammo from 36 to 60
Scorch Shot
- Fix weapon being marked as rare (spawn chance is kept uncommon the whole time)
Pain Train
- Fix 10% damage taken penalty not being applied to weapon
Tribalman's Shiv
- Fix damage penalty reduced from 50% to 20% being applied to Bushwaka instead

- Scout's goo damage to survivors in capture area now have a max 4dmg per 0.5 sec
- Fix players able to keep his Demoman boots if equipped

- Overhaul morale gain from kill: Low morale gains more morale, and high morale gains less morale. Greater scale as there more zombies
- Morale decay rate now takes longer, but faster as there more zombies
- Remove 25 morale loss from survivor death
- Capture: Remove 50 morale bonus to all survivor, instead gains 25 morale to all survivors who in said capture.
- Frenzy: Instead of hard set to 0 morale, halfs the current morale subtract 15 more
- Tank: Reduce morale gain by killing tank from 60 to 35

- If player attempted to skip playing as zombie by joining spectator or leaving server, he will force play as zombie next time regardless
- Update requirement for zombies to get starting bonus: 15% of zombies out of active players
- Added 12 seconds cooldown into spawning same special infected, to prevent spam of same special infected spawning at once
- Update Tank health to use increased max health instead of overheal (similar to VSH boss health)
- Tank no longer uses frenzy fast respawn
- Remove chance into getting frenzy if many survivors already died
- If too many zombies instant respawn during frenzy, zombies get fast respawn instead of instant respawn