Super Zombie Fortress Super Zombie Fortress update 19-4-2017 (major)


  • Conch is now a rare pick-up.
  • Added Quickiebomb Launcher. (rare)
  • Added The Classic. (rare)
  • Added The Airstrike. (rare)
  • Fixed Scottish Resistance path being incorrect.
  • Added Crikey text meter for the Cleaner's Carbine.

  • Added visible morale meter.
  • Killing a tank now gives morale.
  • Increased morale given by control point capture. (25 -> 40)
  • Tank spawn resets morale.
  • Increased average morale given per kill.
  • Small damage tweaks.
    • Zombies do higher damage in general, this is compensation for the more dominant presence of Survivor morale.
    • See further notes down below.
  • Heavy damage resistance decreased from 11% to 8%.
  • Decreased goo duration with 1 second.
  • Decreased goo distance by 100.0 hammer units.
  • Survival health regen decreased. (2 -> 1)

  • Kingpin defense buff max duration decreased from 12 seconds to 7 seconds.
  • Kingpin defense buff distance decreased from 800.0 to 600.0 hammer units.
  • Kingpin defense buff duration scaling now deducts 1 seconds from defense buff for every 120.0 hammer units in distance between Kingpin and affected zombie. (previously 1 per 80.0 hammer units)
  • Kingpin no longer gives movement speed bonus scaling with horde bonus, it is a flat 10 hammer unit bonus instead.
  • Stalker now goes visible at a lower distance.
  • Stalker cloaked movement speed bonus decreased. (220 -> 120)
  • Stalker backstab rescaled. (75% of victim current hp -> 50% of victim current hp + 20 hp)
  • Charger has an additional 5 hammer units distance on his charge impact to compensate for lag or tedious position.
  • Charger charge damage rescaled (50% of victim current hp -> 60 hp)


Update 2:

  • Morale is now displayed as normal, high, very high, or extremely high.
  • Morale text now gets greener the higher morale.
  • Fixed Crikey meter. (?)
  • Fixed Concheror not being marked as a rare, it had spawn chance of a rare.
  • Last survivor now gains 80 morale. (40 -> 80)


Only played persona 5


Ok, time to kill tanks more often and run to be the last person.
also i love having more chances to actually succeed as a survivor.


I'm my own master now

Morale text uses the same text channel as the SZF tutorial so both can't display at the same time. Change one's channel or the other if possible.


pretty tasty
this is probably the biggest gamemode update ever and I love it.
im not sure how the moral thing will work but it probably gives somesort of a speed boost with damage resistance,
and also the damage buff for the zombies is very good,because some times red gets to spawn with free pipe bomb launcher and im not sure if there is a limit to how many of them can be taken,To be fair (The Classic) being a rare drop is kinda funny,having the huntsman there is probably already helpful enough,and most snipers would usually go for quickscopes.The Conch being rare now is gonna be more fair because if you dont get a tank or a hunter
you pretty much will be stomped by a cowmangler conch soldier if he is the last one alive.
but thats just my opinion :)