Suggestions to make the (next) contract system less reliant on map rotation RNG


Slowly getting there
  • Contract system was too reliant on the map rotation.
  • Have multiple contracts active at once.
  • Replace "Reroll Contract" with the ability to change an active contract to a specific one of our choosing

(Now, I know this suggestion is pretty late because the event is going to end in less than 24 hours, but I'd still like to make these suggestions in case you decide to do another event involving the new contract system)

One of the big hindrances of the contract system is how you can only make progress on most contracts on certain game modes or maps.

Vanilla TF2 addresses this by making it so you could just pick specific game modes or maps to queue up on, so you don't have to constantly wait around all the time you had to wait until the server switches to the map or gamemode that you needed.

But here on Redsun, you can't do that. You're at the mercy of whatever the map vote RNG picks. You have to wait in agony for the map you want to come up on the vote (good luck if your contract involves a rare PVE Map). Until then, you can't make progress, and I find that really annoying.

There were some ways to address this throughout the event, like for example a moderator would randomly pick a person, and then that person could pick whatever map to play next, but these were only temporary solutions. The only adequate solution would be to change the contract system to address these problems.

Here are some changes I have in mind to fix this:
  • Allow multiple contracts to be active at once.
    • With multiple contracts, there is less waiting around for the map that you want and more actual progress.
    • Can't do this X contract because the server is on Y game mode? Don't worry, because you also have also have an active contract that involves Y!
    • I'm thinking we can should have up to 3 active contract slots, though this can be fine tuned accordingly. (Maybe make it so we can purchase additional slots?)
  • Kill the reroll contract button and change it to a button that lets us to directly change our active contract(s) to a specific one we want.
    • Rerolling a contract is borderline pointless. I never used it after the one time that I did.
    • Think about it: You're paying 200 BP to have an RNG pick from a list of missions that already depend on the map picker RNG! If all the contracts weren't so game mode or map dependent this would've been fine as is, but that's not how this works, so rerolling needs to go.
    • Instead, we should be able to pay BP to change a contract to a different one of our liking.
    • If the server is about to switch to a map that involves a contract that I don't have active, I can pay for the convenience of making that my active contract right away. People are much more likely to pay for something that is guaranteed to end up in their favor, rather than only a small chance.
  • Have a 24/7 server for every game mode.
    • Unless we can conjure a huge consistent playerbase from out of nowhere, this is impossible and never going to happen. Pretend you never read this one.