Suggestion: more stats on profile + see different server stats

infinite phantasm

rhythm game dork
Comm. Manager
i feel like there's not enough stats on profile pages. while having stats for things like winstreaks on VSH and dodgeball reflects and the like is nice, i feel like some other stats to see would be nice for keeping track of. mainly wins, kills, and time spent on the server.

something like this would be pretty cool to see

other possible new tracked stats:
generic - BP spent, items gifted, items bought
combat surf - courses completed
dodgeball - challenges won
szf - kills made, most zombies killed, rounds won as survivor, weapons picked up, rare weapons called out, rare weapons picked up

i mainly put ones that can actually be tracked at the moment here, but there's a few things that'd be nice to see be able to be tracked (e.g. most bp owned at once, db highest speed, highest amount of reflects, that kinda thing)

and in a related note, being able to see stats for different servers would be wonderful. since raiden and armstrong has differing stats instead of them being all in one pool, it can be a bit weird to see inaccurate stats since they're always for raiden and not for armstrong or any other server.
i don't know how easy that is to be implemented, but it'd be nice to have to see how close you are to certain badges depending on the server. likely won't happen, but something to think about.

both would be pretty nice for keeping track of overall progress on the server for fun, but one or the other would also be pretty nice to have, even without...well, one or the other