Suggestion: Allow tiered-grade items to be gifted


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The recent quality shift to Blood Trials items made them all unable to be gifted, it'd make sense to make them giftable again as grade tiers are a convenient way to tell an item's rarity for trading. Some people enjoyed exchanging these items through the event, as well as a bit after its end, and it'd also give people who just missed the event a chance to get the items if they can find someone who's willing to sell/gift them. Items that couldn't be gifted before still shouldn't be able to be giftable after this change if it happens, as they already have a separate "this item cannot be gifted" tag anyway.

Zane Truesdale

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Server Moderator
I agree with this not only for it being able to help people who missed the event but also those who didn't do so well on it.

If they can't be tradeable, can they at least be craftable?