Sound Previews Regardless of Current BP Count


Record Holder for Real Petal Drought

I've noticed that sound previews are only given to you if you have enough Battle Points to purchase that item.

For me, and I believe many others, this makes it harder to know exactly what item we want, or want to work up to. It may also cause us to work up for something we come to realize we don't want. For instance, if I were to work up enough Battle Points to purchase Übercharge Music: Overwatch, but never got a sound preview, I could be let down because it was something I'm actually not interested in once I gave it a listen. Another side to this is that I may not know what I want because I cannot listen to everything currently. In fact, instead of Overwatch, I may want Übercharge Music: Pendulum, but cannot listen to it because I do not have enough Battle Points to listen to it.

My suggestion is that sound previews be given regardless of whether or not you have enough Battle Points to purchase the item. However, if this was a feature put in place, then I'll gladly retract my submission.

Thank you, and have a good day.