So I decided to make a list of gameplay ban penalities.

sicko mode coach

Settled in
Hi, I decided to make a list of what gp banned players can't or aren't allowed to do
Here's the list:
Not allowed to use consumables (no unboxing or using coins)
Forced to play as zombie in super zombie fortress
Not able to play as hale in versus saxton hale
Not able to have better abilities in bombermod
Not able to earn battle points or drops by playing on the server
Not able to play on boss maps
Not able to become a giant on Stop that tank or Tank race
Forced to have 1 life in Smash fortress

And you can't use skins or taunt effects while gameplay banned

Every mod probably knows about this but not alot of regular players know about these
I probably missed a thing or two but /shrug

tl;dr don't get banned or else you'll be bored on the server being able to do nothing