Should Shit Faced Sunday be moved to Saturday after episode X?

Should SFS be moved to Saturday?

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Handsome Zane

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I have been debating this for a bit (and seeing a few peeps want Sunday Funday back), so I am doing a poll to get a 2nd opinion from the people. If you're on the discord, giving agree/disagree reacts works too if you're too lazy to click the link

Moving it to Saturday would allow the events to last longer since I never work on Sunday, and I believe it would be better for the players as well since it's during a weekend which means school can go eat a deep fried futa dick. Fanfic idea anyone?

Main downside for this is that my schedule for Saturday is unpredictable. Sometimes I work on Saturday and other times I don't, so this means that some episodes of SFS may begin later during the day. The ups may outweigh this down, but my main hesitation is this throwing some people off in terms of starting time.

With that being said, the rest is in all of your hands.


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Definitely yes, Sunday is typically a bad time for me because events start fairly late and I always have to work the next day


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Oh boy , Timezones , Aren't they gay?
Yea I agree to moving it to saturday since most people sleep later on saturday and with the timezone we have , Maybe we could catch a bit on the event

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adding my two cents, yes moving to Saturday would be so much more convienient for everyone not living on the NA timezone as I also have to get up early for college on a Monday. tl:dr moving the event to Saturday means more people can play for longer.