Server Update Server update and maintenance for January 22/23

Tohru Adachi

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We expect to place the servers and website into maintenance close to 23:30 UTC, along with access to the Loadout and Forums. Planned maintenance may take up to a few hours to complete.

Major changes:
  • VSH:Rewrite will now be pushed to active rotation. The current version of Versus Saxton Hale will be rebranded as VSH:Legacy and locked to special selection.
    Please note that some features such as winstreaks will not be available as these will be re-added over time.
  • The new stalemate resolution method will be introduced from this point on. A dome will slowly shrink around the map, forcing trouble players into combat to end the round quicker.
  • Several new bosses have been (re)added, and are being worked on.
  • New maps will be merged into the rotation over time.

Other changes which are minor include some fixes for Super Zombie Fortress along with various fixes for Loadout items via the bug tracker. While this maintenance shouldn't take too long to carry out, we are leaving additional time for unexpected bugs during it.

Thanks for sticking with us.