Action Taken Server Ban Appeal - ID: 3139

Ban ID: 3139
Reason to remove the ban: I was banned just under 4 years ago for repeated chat offences. I think that i have significantly changed as a person since my ban for the following reasons: At the time of my ban i was a unintelligible 12 year old who had no respect for authority and would constantly annoy my peers, now i am alot more mature seen as iam 16 years old now about to do my gcse's, because of this maturity iam no longer toxic and disrespectful. Furthermore, I am now a well respected member of 2 gaming communities (d1 pro raiding community and okbr gaming community) and i help carry people in 390 raids alot, i think this proves that iam now alot more respectful and kind to others in contrast to my younger self. i think that because i have stopped being so disrespectful and toxic i am no longer even remotely likely to commit the actions that got me banned in the first place again, as such i believe iam no longer a danger to the server and can be allowed to play on it once more. In addition, i deeply regret my decisions and want to play with this wonderful community again.

Date/Time of ban: (This ban was applied before ban application dates started being tracked) just after Christmas day 2016
Server where ban was applied: Raiden (eu)

Tohru Adachi

man of speen
+score for following format - would help if you cleaned up your formatting in your response, make use of linebreaks etc.

Given this ban has a relatively low identification number, I am willing to give you a second chance like a few others who have taken the time to cool down and reflect on their actions.
I have removed your ban, please allow for each local server to update this.