Smash Fortress sb_iron_temple_b3


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wow a SB map that have actual detail rather than just a bunch of flatorm with same texture???

Nice job


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  • Good for actual quick Deathmatch.
  • Pretty nicely detailed.
  • Not enough spawnpoints to accomodate 32 players.
  • Can't kill off the top, which makes Spy harder to play.
  • You can stand on the metal pillar decorations.
  • Technically speaking, you can infinitely sticky/rocketjump behind the metal pillar decorations with the help of the BASE Jumper which can effectively avoid other players.
  • The poodle of lava doesn't do damage (just so you know, it's not possible to add actual percentage damage through trigger_hurts).
  • Some of the walls of the map can be used to live for longer than usual, like the one you show in the preview, but could be fixed if you just add a trigger_hurt at the top of the map.


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sb_iron_temple_b2: Everything kills you now edition

  • Increased amount of spawn points to 32
  • Added kill zone on ceiling of arena
  • Added kill zones on arena walls and remote decorations to prevent hiding
  • Added clips/kill triggers on metal decorations, hopefully standing on them won't be possible anymore
  • Replaced useless lava puddle with useless glowing artefact
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Laughs at his own jokes
sb_iron_temple_b3: I hope this is the end of hidden platforms edition

  • Some small cosmetic changes
  • Side walkways to the central platform got thicker
  • Removed the sign below central platform that could be stood upon
  • New credits piccie is in place