Request for a Map Collection (Revisited)

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Zane Truesdale

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It was a while since I made my previous thread on this (around the end of March), but I thought I'd revisit it as the issue of getting Missing Map errors is still being experienced. This time, I know a bit more about what's going on.

To clarify, there has been an issue I've been facing(and others too when I tried to check the steam forums for a solution) where I get disconnected due to a missing map error even though it was in the middle of downloading said map.
An example of this is when I attempted to participate in today's event on Maverick, I found myself completely blocked off by this error. The first time it happened I just found the download for the map(tfdb_bigcity) and then just waited for a slot to open up. When one did open up, the map changed to cp_canterlot and the error happened again. When I couldn't find a download for that map, I switched my in-game settings to only allow map files to download in hopes that it would direct the focus to the map since I already have everything else from here downloaded and fix the issue. I tested this by joining Mistral and as you may have guessed, it didn't do jack and failed to download turtleattack_v5.

There was something I noticed throughout all this. During the downloads in-game while it was downloading both files for a map(the BSP and the BZ2), I noticed that it downloaded the BZ2 just fine while the error occurred when it tried to download the BSP. When Adachi made the FastDL public when I made the last thread, it did help with a lot of maps but the issue was not fully eradicated as the FastDL only had the BZ2's for download and not the BSP's(unless the BSP's were stored elsewhere in the FastDL which I cannot prove atm).

So I would like to reopen the request for a collection to download all the maps RedSun has that contains both the BSP's and BZ2's(or at least the BSP's). I will be upgrading to a much stronger computer that's actually meant for gaming soon and I do not wish for this issue to carry over there. I do not wish to rush since this upgrade won't happen until after the Blood Trials event ends, but please consider doing so.

tl;dr Getting missing map errors because the game isn't downloading the BSP files for certain maps, so I once again request a place to download all of RedSun's maps that also has the BSP files

Tohru Adachi

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Not possible for two reasons:
  1. Some maps are on the Workshop. We can't directly grab the files for those because they're on the workshop, and you'd be just as well going and getting them yourself from the Steam servers.
  2. Bandwidth is expensive. Hosting a huge 50GB+ zip full of uncompressed maps for every player who wants to download that zip would cost 50GB of bandwidth from our CDN costs, which really just asks for abuse.
Regardless, the maps that we do use in active rotation are monitored and either have a corresponding fastdl entry or are on the Workshop. Should there be a missing map error, tell someone and it'll get fixed.
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