Ready Steady Pan: Searching for team members (Region Europe)


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Sup guys! Wanna join me?

Ready Steady Pan is a competitive format for Team Fortress 2 revolving around the update on May 3rd 2012, where the Frying Pan promotional item was made a multi-class melee weapon. The format of the competition is a ladder style 6v6 tournament where only food items and pans were whitelisted. The result was the loudest, and most exciting format of competitive Team Fortress 2 out there.
Still unclear? Watch this.

Requirements for participation:
  • You need to be available 'till approximately the week of 16 December 2017. It is okay if you need to leave for any week.
  • You must have at least some availability on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays between 18:30 and 23:00.
  • Your ping must be less than 150ms on most European servers.
  • You must have or you must make a Discord account.
  • Also:
    • (You don't even need a Frying Pan item!)
    • (You don't even need competitive experience!)
    • (You don't even have to be good at the game!)
    • Be a good sport.
If you wanna join:
  • Reply here with:
    • How often you are available during the week.
    • How often you would like to practice per week. (There is no wrong answer.)
  • Add me on Steam and Discord haha
Don't be afraid to reply if you do not have a lot of availability or if you know you need to leave for a certain week, as I'd rather fill up the team to 9 team members. The more the merrier. I hope at least 5 respond, so we can have a solid lineup.

More info about the league is on
Or just ask me.

thx that's it
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hey, you
weekdays after 8pm your time
weekend anytime but i mostly hang with friends on weekends

who needs PRACTICE?NANI?


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  • I'm mostly available during afternoons except for Friday most of the time (although it's not required). Rarely if ever I'm available during morning hours but from 18:30 until 23:00 I'm available (just like what you require!).
  • Since I can potentially practice during the same hours I've said I'm available, maybe practicing for one or two hours is appropiate. Hell, I might even practice my melee skills by myself if I do get in.
I hope it's as fun as the finals make it out to be!


^ This Guy.
Might be interested but not sure about it yet tho. Keep me in mind. I am there all day everyday.


Noah Munck's a cool dude
I should be able to play on most if not all of those days, even as US since I live on the North-East coast. Don't really have a opinion on practice.


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Here the current status on the team:

Currently planned to be rostered @unit unit unit @Darthmule @JugadorXEI @Sanic
With reservation planned to be rostered @Chaos

Which means we need one more player for a bare minimum team, with only about 4 days to go.

If there’s no further response by tomorrow-ish I’ll ask a not-redsun friend and ex-teammate of mine.

Even when in doubt, just sign up please :)


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Here is the deal:


The Who
Including newcomer Rox, we'll have two team members who are on a type of "maybe I'll play" status.
Rox can not join us until his 6v6 season is over, at the very latest that would be Nov 26th.

The Why
We are allowed to miss 2 matches before a team gets ejected from the season.
We are also allowed to use 2 not-rostered players in a match.
We are even allowed to play a match with only 5 players on a team.

The What
My proposal is to play as many matches as we can. (Of course.)
I'll do my best to get mercs as soon as I know we need them per every match.

However, if one of you would rather not be in a team with a "dire situation where we'll have to find random people to play with us this often", then please message me ASAP, I shall acknowledge that request and unfortunately we won't participate this season.


I completely forgot one pretty important requirement:
  • You must be wanting to use at least some comms/communicate in the match. Preferably in voice or alternatively (with more effort) through well planned out teamchat binds.
    • I don't expect a lot, just a couple of "Scout/Soldier/Demo/Sniper is low/hurt/lit" will do just fine. It isn't a night at the club.
If this changes it all and you prefer to not participate anymore, then contact me ASAP and to the rest, I am sorry we won't participate this season.

... Unless someone else wants to join the team in the next 15 hours or so? That would change the entire situation.
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@unit unit unit,

Can't we recruit people looking for a team outside of Red Sun? Seems like a good idea imo, unless you'd rather play with people you know.
Also, there's two days before registration ends, not 15 hours, afaik, so there's still time.


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Jugador, that’s a pretty decent idea, but there are a couple downsides to it from a logistical standpoint.
For instance that I more or less presented the concept of this team as a Red Sun-only thing, and by breaking that, I would not be sure if everyone would still be in if I introduced a couple strangers. (Rox has played on redsun before actually, just so you know.)
Additionally, unknown people without competitive experience are pretty unpredictable. Not that bad, but without much inbetween-/pre-season it gets a bit hard as leader.

Anyway, I decided to try the team in its current state. I shall probably make the roster on the site tonight, and a separate Discord later. First matches in the season start Wed 18 Oct.

And that’ll be the start of Red Hot Pan over Stove or something. I’m still working on the name and open to suggestions.


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As for names, what about:
  • Paradise Dream Team
  • Mid-Night Paradise Dwellers
  • Summer Pan Exploration
  • Plan'n'Pan
I'm not original but I'm fond of "Plan'n'Pan". What do you think?