Quick-Start: Redsun.tf Forums


Electronic LunarTik
A quick overview of posting on the forums for those intimidated, confused or just need to learn what to do. No names.

So, I just got here. Now what?
First thing to do will be to log in. In the top-right of your screen you should see 2 buttons, one saying "Log In", the other saying "Register Via Steam". Click on the register button and log in with steam.
Your login details are not shared. redsun.tf is supplied with a unique ID (steamID64) for identification purposes. For more information please see privacy policy.

You should now be asked to enter some basic details, such as the name you would like to be referred as, your e-mail and your date of birth.
Short of messaging the admins with a very good reason, you cannot change your name. Pick a good one! Your date of birth can also not be changed, although the visibility can be changed later on your profile.

Hooray, I am a member. So what can I do?

At the top of your screen you can now see an orange banner, containing your entered name, an envelope and a flag. The envelope contains any private messages received from other users, while the flag shows any time someone rates one of your posts, or replies to a thread you are watching.
First thing I would recommend doing is setting up your profile. Hover over your name to see the different categories. Take some time to get to know the options here, and set them up how you would like.

OK, so when do I actually get to the posting?
Right now. You may want to start by introducing yourself to the community, there are always people willing to say hello.

Make sure you check any rules that appear in the section of the forums that you are posting in, as guidelines may change depending on what and where you are posting. For my general advice not explicitly covered by the rules:
  • Be respectful: We have people from many backgrounds and live in all financial situations, if your post aims to "take the mickey" out of someone and could be easily seen as not sarcastic or joking, then you have a real problem (This only applies to fast chat, everywhere else please treat people with respect always).
  • Check whether you actually need to post: With over 1,000 discussions and nearly 15,000 messages, just take a few minutes to use the search feature in the top-right to see if your question has already been answered or suggested.
  • Arguing is not fun for anyone involved: Not everyone is perfect, so sometimes it's best to just move on rather than insisting on continuing an argument. Try and keep them as debates wherever possible rather than flame wars.

Here for the shitposting and banter? We got you covered. Think we can improve our loadout system or servers? Here you go. Just want to have a nice, orderly conversation? Well don't know why you would come here for that, but here you go anyway.

Now go out there and shit post until you die
Any more questions? Feel free to send me or a member of staff a message; the more people who know what they are doing, the better.

Last updated 22nd July 2016 @ 22:45