quick little update about me

Pootis weeb

Warming up
ey guys i aint much in redsun anymore (if you dont care feel free to ignore and go on your day)

Now i dont wanna make this to long so to say its because 2 reasones, 1st. im getting a little bit of stress because im trying to get a job so i dont end up as a neet next year, and i wont get anymore in details about this its just a bit stressfull and thats all. 2nd as you may or not know im fasting and since its fasting month i havnt eaten much so... my mood worsens and i just dont feel like going to redsun while im not in a good mood to talk alot, and thats that :3.

I dont really feel like to make this to long so yeah, anyway ill be back on if either my mood gets better (ramadan ends or i feel better) or if u know i get a job or something to do next year.

so yeah ty for reading, much homo love from your local terrible lolicon and fanfic reader Pootis.