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Hey all, Mod Skorda here, i'm here to discuss a matter that is becoming frequent, Necrobumping. This is primarily for users who are new to message boards and forums.

What is Necrobumping?
Necrobump is two words. "Necro", latin for death, and "bump", slang for posting in a thread and moving it to the top of the board. Over-time, threads aren't touched anymore and become irrelevant, no one talks about it, no one's interested in it anymore, so it's considered "dead". Necrobumping is the act of posting in these said threads, generally on an already dated matter, and making something now irrelevant at the top of the board. There has been a spike in this act, which is why I made this post.

How can I tell i'm Necrobumping?
It's easy! Before making any slight post, look at the timestamp, which is just below the title. It shows the precise date the thread was made. Individual posts also carry this timestamp at the bottom of them. If there's a bunch of messages on it, there's a chance it's still alive. Simply jump to the latest post on the last page, this can also be deterred on how far the thread is down on the board. The lower, the older and most untouched.

A quick point out to the timestamps.The primary focus should be the post timestamp.

Considering that it's been a trend in some users, there will INDEED be consequences. Nothing instantaneous or long-term on new users, but long-time users or regulars who do this may be met with harsher action because, well, you know the rules by now. This basically applies to any message board you find, even outside of Redsun.

Depending on your ban history, if it's low or non-existent, you will get a warning or infraction you are expected to take in. Failure to do so may put you under moderation or suspend you from the forums.

If you are aware about necrobumping, yet you post on the thread even though it's considered dead, you will still be met with consequences. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Are there times it's allowed?
Yes, but rarely. Say it's a thread dedicated to a project, the project founder has taken a break after some months, and finally resumes and decides to bump said thread to show said progress, or a thread that discusses an event that has resurfaced over some time. In these cases, this is the only time necrobumping is allowed, because the thread is now relevant again and discussion is again encouraged. Megathreads such as Random Thoughts are also open 24/7 sometimes.

I appreciate your time to read this, and I hope it helps not just here, but outside Redsun as well.

EDIT: The thread is open for discussion, but PLEASE don't encourage necrobumping threads. If you have jokes to crack, Fast chat is there.
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