Posting Guidelines - Updated 25/May/16

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  1. The following content is prohibited unless approved by a ranking Administrator:
    1. Explicit Pornography - Linking to "NSFW" content should only be done within Fast Chat as long as the Content is not deemed as explicit pornography.
    2. "Meme" spam or otherwise unfunny garbage (Outside of Shitposting Wasteland)
  2. Threads older than 2 weeks should not be replied to unless to add notable information to the thread topic. If at all possible, start a new thread regarding the topic.
  3. Posts should be of reasonable legibility unless there is a valid reason (E.G. Other language as native tongue) or unless the Content is inside Fast Chat. "Text-speak" and other intentionally low quality forms of post will be deleted and the user reprimanded.
  4. Keep to the topic of a thread's content. Off-topic posting will be deleted.
  5. It is up to a ranking member of Forum Staff (defined as: Moderator, Server Manager, Administrator) to decide what is defined as "Low Quality forms of post".
  6. Decisions undertaken by Staff are final. If you wish to talk about a decision with a staff member, please do it privately.
The Administrators of Red Sun Over Paradise reserve the right to add to, modify and/or remove item(s) from these Guidelines at any time.
By using the Forum, you are agreeing to these Posting Guidelines.
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