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Fondle me hard Mr. Sakurai.
This will be updated every time new Smash Switch news is shown.


  • 12/7
    • Game release.
  • 12/6
    • Joker revealed as the first DLC character in the fighter pack

  • 11/1
    • Incineroar and Ken are the final characters of the base roster.
      • Piranha Plant is part of the roster as bonus dlc, which is free when you purchase the game by 1/31.
      • Atleast 5 more characters will be released as dlc, all of them projected to be released by February 2020.
      • Excluding dlc, the starting roster is the Smash 64 starting roster.
    • No more stages to the base game, more will be added to the game through dlc.
    • Spirits Mode
      • Adventure Mode is tied in with Spirits
      • Everyone is dead at the start except Kirby, you get more characters back the more you progress through the story.
      • As you fight more battles, you have the opportunity to get spirits, which can augment your character in various ways.
        • Two types of spirits, Primary and Support. You can equip one primary spirit, which increases your stats directly, and up to three support spirits, which gives you various attributes such as falling immunity and wind immunity.
      • Theirs a skill tree which is pretty self explanatory. The more spirits you get, the more you progress through the skill tree, having to choose which stat boosts you want.
    • Online
      • For Glory and For Fun aren't separated anymore. Now you have to set preferences for various settings (Mode, Match Time, Items, etc) and you are queued with people based on those preferences.
    • Notable characters revealed as being assist trophies and aren't plausibly getting in through dlc as a result.
      • Isaac, Skull Kid, Shadow, Spring Man, Black Knight.
    • Trophies are removed, they're effectively replaced by Spirits.
    • Stage Creator is still missing.


  • 9/13
    • Isabelle revealed as a newcomer.

  • 8/8
    • 5 Characters revealed.
      • Simon and King K. Rool.
      • Richter, Chrom, and Dark Samus are echo fighters.
      • Every character will be revealed before the game is out.
    • 103 Stages so far.
      • Fountain of Dreams is back.
      • Hanenbow is back.
    • New very mysterious menu option that may or may not be a Subspace Emissary 2.
    • +800 sound tracks
    • Assist Trophy notables
      • Zero, Rathalos, Shovel Knight, Ashley, The Moon.
    • Pokeball pokemon notables
      • Ditto, Mimikyu.
    • Classic mode: Each character now has set battles.
      • This is pretty much classic as it was in 64 except the matches are different for each character.
    • Rulesets can now be saved
    • New Final Smash option: Final Smashes can now be charged, these are weaker than the ones you get from breaking a Smash Ball.
    • Stage Morphing: You can choose two changes and they change during the battle.
    • Stamina mode is now a proper game option.
    • New gamemode: Squad Strike.
      • 1v1 where each player can choose either three or five fighters to battle with.
    • New gamemode: Smashdown
      • A character can only be selected by one person, and once used in battle, can't be selected anymore for the remainder of the session.
    • Tourney mode is back.
    • Training mode now has a stage dedicated to it while now also showing three knockback trajectories with each hit- trajectory at 0%, at current percent, and at 100%
    • Luigi is fucking dead.

  • 8/5
    • Smash Direct announced to occur on the eighth.



  • 6/12
    • Called Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    • Every character returns.
      • Charizard back with Pokemon Trainer as a result.
      • Several visual and moveset changes for the characters- Link adopts more attacks from BOTW with his new attire, Ganondorf resembles his Ocarina of Time look more than his modern version and uses his big sword now.
    • Far less newcomers stated to be in the game with every character returning as a result.
    • More outfit alts confirmed.
      • Example: Mario has Builder and Wedding outfits, Link has a Link Between Worlds outfit.
    • Aesthetics streamlined
      • Example: Character selection screen only shows two players by default now.
    • Several clarity additions
      • Example: Cloud's limit is visible at all times
      • Damage meters now have a tenth decimal.
    • Final Smashes now buffed to where they can easily KO anyone.
      • Every character has a cut-in now when they use their final smash.
    • More clone characters, now called Echo characters confirmed.
      • Daisy confirmed as an echo character of Peach.
    • 8-Player matches return.
    • Waluigi is an assist trophy again.
    • Each stage now has a Battlefield variant along with Omega forms.
    • Directional air dodging.
    • More changes addressed to the competitive scene.
      • Every character can aerial attack with a short hop now.
      • Damage between characters increased in 1v1 matches.
    • Dodging nerfed, excessively dodging now decreases its effectiveness.
    • During Sudden Death, the stage now gradually zooms in with flames surrounding while killing anyone that's doesn't stay in the playing area.
    • Releases December 7th, 2018.
    • Nintendo made a playlist showing every character in the game shown so far
    • These stages are in the game so far.

  • 6/11
    • Smash Invitational revealed to have a double elimination format.

  • 5/9
    • Smash Switch Invitational participants revealed
      • Split 50/50 between Melee and Smash 4 competitive players
      • Participants

  • 4/26
    • Nintendo E3 date, Switch Title reveals on June 12

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Zane Truesdale

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I hope that the Inklings aren't the only new additions. If there are others, I hope King K. Rool is one of them


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I hope that the Inklings aren't the only new additions. If there are others, I hope King K. Rool is one of them
We're definitely getting more characters, they wouldn't have a rather ambiguous teaser if that wasn't the case.
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Yeah I would love to regularly play some SSmash with all y'all. Ssmash? 5mash? Sma5h? Oh gosh.

Personally hoping for characters a tiny bit more obscure: some guys from Rhythm Heaven/Rhythm Paradise as fighters, hopefully Karate Joe.

I mean Ridley.

Eddy The Mean Old Yeti

probably the most hated here
I swear to Jason Alexander if they don't bring back duck hunt dog imma be furious

(also any large breasted xenoblade 2 characters would be nice)


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all i want is chrom to get his chance and if he doesnt, im shooting up nintendo's headquarters
With that, with the drought of news that'll likely continue for awhile, It'd be nice to talk about speculation and character wishlists in the meantime like what some others were doing in this thread to some extent.

Update: Now that I have the time (and ability) to do so, I'll write my character wish list in this post.
  • Waluigi
  • Geno
  • Black Mage
  • Generic Toad
  • Decidueye
  • Bandanna Dee
  • Isaac
  • Ridley (This is the biggest push Metroid has been receiving in years, please)
  • Arvis
  • Ren Amamiya/P5 Protag
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Tohru Adachi

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With that, with the drought of news that'll likely continue for awhile, It'd be nice to talk about speculation and character wishlists in the meantime like what some others were doing in this thread to some extent.
[WAHs infinitely]


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Snake isnt coming back since Konami are cucks no matter how many people want him.
Theirs little excuses for Waluigi to not make it this time considering that hes the most relevant named Mario character not in smash yet.
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