new szf maps?

do we need new super zombie fortress maps?

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I've been interested in creating a super zombie fortress map for a while now using an existing tf2 map as the base (granary or frontier for example) but I haven't been able to find any information about creating for this gamemode, how to playtest it or if there is even a want for new super zombie fortress maps in the first place so I thought I'd ask here and see if anyone had any ideas / tips about this as well as sparking a discussion about the game mode in general.


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Firstly, there’s a basic guide for making SZF maps here: Super Zombie Fortress - How to map for SZF: Guide (

Secondly, I’m not sure there is an official way to playtest an szf map, but if your map is uploaded to redsun, I’m sure you could ask a mod or a senior developer to set it for the next map and play a few rounds.

And seeing how exclusive szf is as a gamemode I reckon there won’t be as many maps for it as others. Whether or not people want another is up to them.

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Pretty much what tactic said.

Only reason I can think of on why you can't playtest the map outside of redsun is that it requires a plugin for the necessary stuff to work. Example is when I did my Bots vs Jevil experiment and the class changes that the PvM gamemode does didn't happen


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Really the only entity you need thats SZF-plugin-only is the weapons (prop_dynamic named szf_weapon) to make map playable.
SZF map guide is still correct after all of those years, though it missing quite a bit of new cool stuffs map can use to make it more interesting, i may look into updating that.

Edit: and done, go make some wacky maps
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