MicroTF2 Microgame Ideas


Oh no
Hey, I just thought I'd share some ideas that I had for this:

1. Get a Taunt Kill with "X" Weapon
This one is straightforward, to win, you must get a taunt kill on someone with "X" weapon. In order for it to count, it actually has to show in the kill feed (so not merely stunning or damaging will cut it). Now, not all weapons will be used (whether they are reskins of existing ones like the Apoco-Fists or Fortified Compound, hard to counter like the Rainblower, or kill you for using it like the Equalizer), but the possible weapons would be: 1. The Sandman 2. Shotgun (Pyro) 3. Thermal Thruster 4. Eyelander 5. Fists 6. Frontier Justice 7. Ubersaw 8. The Huntsman 9. (Stock) Knife

2. Hit the Target
For this one, you will use the Huntsman to hit a small moving target. A simple game to test your accuracy with the Huntsman.

3. Pick a Door
To win, you must pick one of four doors to enter and hope you picked the right one. Here's the thing, not everyone has the same safe door, so while Player "1"'s safe door could be door "B", Player "2"'s safe door could be door "D". This way, no one can call out what the correct door is for everyone.

So, what do you all think? Do you have other ideas for microgames? Feel free to put down other ideas, or your thoughts on them.

Lord Scout

the taunt kill should have a thing where if you dont taunt after a certain amount of time it stuns you so other people can capitalize off them

4. Get to the end (surf)
whether its a boss or a minigame with only one ramp i wanna see a minigame where you surf to the end

Tohru Adachi

man of speen
have fun