Map Cycle Suggestion & Fix Request thread


Request to remove the map:


Reason: The map is too short , too easy , zombies don't even have a chance at winning , and tank doesn't even spawn in time to help the zombies
Mandrill is not funny neither!

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Slowly getting there
Request to remove tfdb_virtual_v1
Reason : Bad lightning , features obstacles that ruin the whole game and it causes sometimes fps drop.


pretty tasty
Request to remove szf_manncoscince
Reason : Bad map with bad spawn positions,bad progression speed and causes multiple deaths just cuz some ppl on red are speedrunning it to hell,and also that one section with the disa/reapearing platforms aswell

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Request to add these maps:

pl_2fort_exe : 2fort redesigned as a payload map for the memes
dr_marioparty : Really cool deathrun map, with several minigames from Mario Party remade to work in TF2
sa2b_chao_garden : Suggesting this as Event Map. Every area of SA2B's chao garden with a bunch of cool secrets