LFP Scream Fortress Highlander tournament


again & again
Comm. Manager
Hey guys wanna join me again? (Original initiative by @MarkMaul and I'll help keep the ball rolling.)

We wanna play some Highlander on spooky maps and we need up to 10 players in the team.

  • Be a good sport. It's a casual tournament.
  • You must at least have some availability in evenings and nightson Fridays and/or Saturdays.
    • We'll communicate in timezone Europe/Amsterdam a.k.a. CEST (until Sun 27 Oct).
    • The official matches are between Mon 16 September and Sat 19 October.
    • Note: the tournament is Single Elimination. We either exit early or we end up playing all 5 weeks and playoffs or anything in between.
    • This means that, as long as we're in the competition, there's one required match we need to play per week.
  • Again, it's a casual tournament. Have fun and all.
  • Don't worry about your skill.
  • Don't worry about your ping.
  • We might plan in a couple scrims/practice matches if we can get enough people together.
  • Badges are not guaranteed. Only the top 10 get physical badges shipped to their home address. No TF2 badges.
  • Some communication via Discord voice chat during matches would be neato but it's definitely not required.
If you wanna join:
  • Either let me know here or in the DMs on Discord, Steam, whatever
  • Let me know what you wanna play: a primary class and secondary class (just in case you need to fill in).
Current roster:
Also, if you are okay with it, you can merc for us! That's kinda like being a stand-by player outside of the main roster. In that case also contact me if you want that.

Don't be afraid to reply if you do not have a lot of availability or if you know you need to leave for a certain week, as I'd rather fill up the team to 10 team members. The more the merrier. If at least 9 respond with all classes, we can have a solid lineup. We can have one duplicate though, because 9+1.

More info at info - Scream Fortress (https://screamfortress.tf/info/)
or just ask me?

thx bye
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