Let Medics earn BP and item drops through assists


Warming up
Medic is a pretty important class in TF2, but since Red Sun item drops are mainly given for killing other players (BP drops aren't as much, as you get most of it for just playing), people who play Medic regularly end up missing out on a lot of them, especially on maps/gamemodes that are very kill-heavy but ubers are needed to break stalemates (think of ctf_mandrillmaze or tbf for example). This might look like a very small addition, but it's something that would really add up over time, plus it might encourage some more Medic play, who knows.

I'm not sure if the drop ratio should be 1:1 to kills or at a reduced rate, or you might just want to make all assists be considered for drops for every class at a reduced rate, that's fine too. Up to you.