Item and item quality list for the loadout


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I'd like to suggest a list of all items available on the loadout. The entries for each item would show its icon, whether or not it is currently available, where from (e.g. crates, shop), when it was available if it no longer is, all potential qualities of the item, and what the item itself does. Alongside this, I'd also like to suggest a list of every special quality, what it does, what it can apply to and each of the different kinds of the quality (e.g. types of stranges, unusual effects). There are a few issues I see with it though. First of all, it would probably take a while to compile all of this information and set up a new section of the loadout, especially when it's not really that useful in all honesty, and I'm not sure if people would actually use it that often. I know that I'd use it because I like to learn about this kind of stuff, but otherwise I don't know if anybody would really care about it. Either way, I'd like to see if anybody else is interested in this and if it's even a possibility at all.