Introduce custom vote system for low player counts.


We all know that Armstrong struggles to garner consistent population numbers without the help of events, and perhaps Raiden too, to a lesser extent. What I am suggesting is a sort of modified voting system that can be turned on with enough players consensus, that would restrict available modes and maps to a smaller pool. This would make seeding the servers less painful, and allow people who crave specific modes (I.E. dodge ball) to be more motivated to seed servers. I am aware that with the current voting system certain game modes only appear at certain player counts, but this system as it stands is outdated and as evidence shows, fails to provide consistently enjoyable experiences for players at low player counts. My suggestion is that after enough players vote to enable this, game modes would be restricted to Dodge Ball, Class Warfare, Combat Surf, Freeze Tag, and possibly select Deathrun maps (Steamworks, minigames for example). Additionally, instead of voting to extend, the current game mode would simply replace it, which would allow small groups of players who wish to continue playing a specific game mode to do so. I feel this would make seeding a lot more enjoyable, and help sate avid dodge ball fans.

Tohru Adachi

I get paid to insult people
nice word salad
you could just say you wanted this:
if (playerCount < 8 && g_bExtended)
    g_bExtended == false;
this literally took me 10 seconds to write
(yes haha old syntax, fucking sue me)


Forgive me for the unnecessary complexity of the suggestion, I'm not familiar with coding, so I just tried to convey the idea in really broad terms.