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If you've been around for more than a few weeks, you'll know we have an instagib mod ready to run on the servers which has been well received. Only problem, is that we need some good map suggestions.
Head down to the Gamemodes and Gameplay subforum and suggest some maps with the Instagib prefix. (dm_ maps are preferred, especially if they're on the Steam Workshop.)

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One idea that was thrown around in staff chat is that it would be interesting to put competitive maps here for perhaps a little bit of a new audience. If I had to guess, CPs still have to be disabled and on the average 5CP Push map the spawns are too far from mid. It would maybe also be interesting to see a DM spawns plugin in Instagib but that's of course up to Haxton and such.

So far I'll just stick to the suggestions with KOTH:
  • KOTH Coalplant (download)
  • KOTH Product (download) to replace Viaduct
  • KOTH Badlands
Note: please place suggestions like this in the Map Suggestion thread. Map Cycle Suggestion & Fix Request thread (

Again, I would like to maybe test 5CP maps, how they work as-is, and if that doesn't work well then I would supply a coordinates list with spawns. (CP Reckoner best map)
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