Information about the Flowey Map

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Q: How do I play the latest version?
A: It's simple! Wait for an event to pop up, and click the white IP address (numbers with dots) in the event description, and boom. You're in.

Q: How do I play it myself?
A: Steam Workshop :: my_world - Omega Flowey boss battle (

Q: Are there any restrictions?
A: Yes. We distribute this map through the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.
More info about the license can be found here and here.

In short: Don't make money off of the map, and don't share any edited/modified maps without the Red Sun Over Paradise mark on them. (People stealing recognition of something you made is bad, you know!)
You should also share under a similar, share-alike license as well.

The initial releases of the map are buggy, so we use a system which fixes the bsp, without you having to download again, saving precious disk space. Because of this, we have to separately release the public versions.
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