Versus Saxton Hale Increase ping limit for being the boss


Oh no
I ask this for all the American players here, with Raiden being the only active server (despite my recent attempts to try to revive Armstrong), only players from the EU can be the boss unless by some miracle Armstrong is alive. I don't understand why this ping limit needs to be so strict, I mean, I don't get lag spikes while playing on EU despite being in the western US. So, can it please be made so that US players can be boss on EU, and vice versa?

Lord Scout

i've never ever not been able to be boss on raiden, i live in midwestern us idk wtf you're on about
also armstrong isnt as dead as you people say it is


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it aint all its cracked up to be, the worse your ping, the crueler the melee hit reg

Mike Litteris

Reality is often disappointing
what he said. i dont play hale on raiden because even at 150 ping best case its a total shit show even with a strong or OP hale