No Action Taken Imperdius' mute appeal

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Ban ID: 4857
Reason to remove the ban: About a year ago I was caught being a kid, its not something i'm proud of I was just a stupid kid and I was tired at other people being kids so I stupidly decided to try being a kid. After being muted it taught me a valuable lesson about being a kid, and I am happy to say I have quit being a kid for over 6 months. Your ban has again taught me a valuable lesson, but I feel i should be allowed to use a the mic again, at least on trial to prove I have learned my lesson. I know what I did was bad, and I don't expect you to forgive me, please just concider my point of view. Thank you for reading my mute appeal.

Date/Time of ban: 15-04-2018 14:49:57 UTC
Server where ban was applied: Radian

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Community Manager
Comm. Manager
@Imperdius, After some deliberation among staff, we have decided to deny the appeal.

Although, you only have that one ban on record, your behavior on the servers suggests that you still need major improvements towards your maturity, especially as we don't see the "quit being a kid" part as valid.
The voice ban will be left as it is, expiring next month.
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